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Glad you have made it here wanting to know more about Dachshund's Loft and the humble people behind this Brand & Business. 

Here's our story, 

We are six founders who are also passionate dachshund owners since the early 2000s. We pooled our collective design talents, social media savvy, and digital expertise to build a brand that could have a meaningful impact. We listened to the collective voices of the dog lovers community to build Dachshund's Loft, a truly mission-driven pet accessories & lifestyle brand that supports dog rescue shelters.

At Dachshund's Loft, we recognize that dogs are one of the most relatable creatures in the world. They are among the most intelligent of the many species with whom we share the planet, with complex consciousnesses that are capable of strong emotions. As a keystone species, they play an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems in the world in many ways. Sadly, abandonment rates due to over-breeding, sickness, old age and general loss of interest have put dogs safety, health and happiness at risk.

Dachshund's Loft has committed to donating a minimum of 10% of our profits to rescue shelters around the world to help improve the lives of dogs in need. 



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